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  • Joseph Bell

Are you Settling for Possible or Pursuing Optimal?

If you have ever provided computer services, you might have come across a situation where a client struggles to articulate their computer problem beyond the phrase “I just want it to work.” While it's understandable, especially when their computer is needed for critical tasks, this approach can be limiting for individuals or organizations if it's used as the standard.

Simply "working" is the bare minimum to achieve job satisfaction. It's a binary result – either it works, or it doesn't. To be effective, it's essential to establish specific goals that you can evaluate your progress and results against.

Organizations that try to balance all the complexities, establish core principals upfront equip themselves for success proactively as the balance competing priorities. Establishing the standard of Optimal instead of just Possible is an important distinction, in their pursuit of excellence.

As Napoleon Bonaparte once said, "The reason most people fail instead of succeed is they trade what they want most for what they want at the moment." If your organization is interested in optimizing their pursuit of excellence, let's start a conversation.

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